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The Girl in the Shade

There was once a girl who had many names. She lived in a very old place called a village. Naturally, she would be affronted if someone suggested that she was as old. Truth be told, […]

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Rookie and the Old Man

I stopped trying to make connections or friendships with any of them. Any of them, except for that old man across the street. I haven’t seen him yet for probably a few days now since my first arrival in this neighborhood. I sometimes would see his truck coming out of the path, but the window pane is so dark, that it’s hard to make out what he looks like. I had this impression that he’s probably an old grumpy man, judging by how far his house probably is from the road.

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It was probably ten in the evening. My body was telling me that it was about this time of the day. But the sun was just starting to tint my skin with a subtle orange […]